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E-Books in the COD Library: E-Book Reading Devices


You can access all of the Library's non-fiction educational e-books using a computer that is connected to the Internet using a web browser. Examples of web browsers are Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Use your browser to navigate to the COD Library website.

To download e-book chapters or sections, your computer will need to have a current PDF reader.  Books in ePub format will require the free Adobe Digital Editions software to download and view. 

If you have a mobile device, you can use your personal computer to find and download materials then transfer them to your device using USB.

Android Devices

Your Android tablet or smartphone reads the following formats: ePub and PDF. 

You can use our Overdrive collection with your Android device. Please follow the link provided for more information on using Overdrive with Android.  

For more help with your device, go to the manufacturer's website for product documentation. Or see the Android website for more information.

Apple Devices

Your iPad or iPhone devices read the following formats: ePub and PDF.  Most of the COD Library's e-book collections are available in PDF format. Your iBooks app will allow you to read PDFs. If you'd like to highlight and make notes on your PDF files, try using an app like GoodReader from the App Store.  

You will need  to download the free Bluefire Reader app to use books in the ePub format.  

You can use our Overdrive collection with your Apple device. Please follow the link provided for more information on using Overdrive with Apple.   

For more help with your iPad, go to the Apple iPad Support page.


Your Kindle Fire can read the following e-book file types:  Kindle (.azw & .azw1) and PDF.  Unfortunately, the Library does not have any materials in Kindle format.  But most of the e-books available from our Library are in PDF format.  Use your Kindle Silk web browser to find and read COD Library e-books.  You can also use your home computer to download book chapters, sections and pages and transfer them to your Kindle Fire via USB.  

You can use our Overdrive Collection with your Kindle. Please follow the link provided for more information on using Overdrive with Kindle.  

For more information on how to use your Kindle Fire, refer to the User Guide on your device. Advanced help for the Kindle Fire is available on Amazon's Kindle Fire site

Adobe Digital Editions & Bluefire Reader

Adobe Digital Editions is free software that allows you to check out and read ePub format e-books from Libraries. This software manages your checkouts and protects books from being illegally copied.  You'll need this software on your computer or on your mobile device to use ePubs. For instance, if you have a Nook, you'll use Adobe Digital Editions on your computer to check out the book from our Library then transfer it to your device using USB. 

Bluefire Reader is needed for Apple devices. Adobe Digital Editions is not compatible with iPhones, iPads or iPod Touch but the Bluefire Reader is compatible.  Bluefire Reader emulates Adobe Digital Editions and performs all of the same functions. You can also manage your e-book and PDF library on your device using Bluefire.

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