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Media Lab: Audio

Getting Started with an Audio Project

On this page you can find resources that will help you create a professional audio for class or personal projects.

LinkedIn Learning is a great place to start learning a new skill. Students can access high quality tutorials to learn production skills like recording, as well as software like Adobe Audition and Audacity. Current College of DuPage students can learn out how to sign up for free here:

Once you've signed up at LinkedIn Learning, check out the course below. This course is perfect for beginners with no previous audio recording experience.

LinkedIn Learning Course: Learning Audacity

LinkedIn Learning Course: Garageband

LinkedIn Learning Course: Adobe Audition

Setting up the Rodecaster Pro

Follow these steps to get started recording audio with the Rodecaster Pro


Protect your ears! Turn down all faders and headphone knobs before powering on the Rodecaster Pro

Animated image of sliders moving down on audio interface




Power on the Rodecaster

Power button on Rodecaster Pro


Open System Preferences > Sound, confirm that Rodecaster Pro is selected for Input and Output

System Preferences IconSystem Preferences window

Audio Input Settings

Audio Output Settings


Open your audio program of choice - this tutorial shows GarageBand

Go to the GarageBand menu, select Preferences , then click on the speaker icon labeled Audio/MIDI. Choose Rodecaster Pro Stereo in the Output Device dropdown menu, and Rodecaster Pro Multichannel in the Input Device dropdown menu.


On the Rodecaster, press the Channel button for your mic (in this example we're choosing channel 1)

Channle one button


Then press the Level button on the Rodecaster's touch screen.

Rodecaster Channel Menu


Talk into the mic at a normal level for your voice (don't yell or whisper). The meter on the screen will light up. Use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons so that when you are talking, the meter is reaching into the area indicated by the green lines.

Rodecaster level being adjusted


Turn up the USB Fader (if this is not turned up you won’t hear your recordings in the headphones)

Rodecaster USB fader


Adjust headphone volume to your comfort

Adjust the Channel 1 fader so you get between 18 and 0 on the meter when you are speaking. 

Levels on Rodecaster meter


Need more help? Ask at the Media Lab desk or call us at (630) 942-3085

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