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Media Lab: Reserve Equipment

Media Lab Equipment

Reserve equipment for 3-day checkouts and browse various equipment accessories and computer peripherals.

All 3-day checkouts are available to current College of DuPage students only. Staff and Faculty can check out equipment by making arrangements with the Media Lab Supervisor. Read all of our policies for checking out equipment here.

Tripods & Other Equipment

The following equipment cannot be reserved in advance, but can be checked out for up to 2 days. If you would like to check out any of these items, please ask any staff member at the Media Lab desk.



Keep your photos and videos steady with this portable tripod.

Extends up to 61"

Mini Tripods

Mini Tripod

Just 7" tall, this tripod is perfect for setting up cameras

and other devices on surfaces where a regular tripod won't fit.

Light Stands

Light Stand

Check out light stands to use with our lighting kit.

Pop-up Green Screen

Pop-up Greenscreen

Create visual effects on the go with this pop-up greenscreen.

Approximately 7' tall, it folds into a 3' disc for easy carrying.

Camera Slider

Camera Slider

Create smooth camera movements with this slider.

Compatible with all Media Lab cameras.

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