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Media Lab: Photography

Resources for Photography

On this page you can find resources that will help you create a professional photos for class or personal projects.

LinkedIn Learning is a great place to start learning a new skill through access to high quality video tutorials. These tutorials include skills like composition and lighting, and software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Current College of DuPage students can learn out how to sign up for free here:

Once you've signed up at LinkedIn Learning, check out one the courses below. These courses are perfect for beginners with no previous photography.

Introduction to Photography

Photoshop Essential Training

Getting started with Photography

Several different types of cameras are available from 360 cameras to GoPro, from point and shoot cameras to camcorders. The Media Lab strives to provide as much information as possible about all types of cameras available from the Lab and this information is included on the equipment reservation page and/or the equipment pages here. For more detailed information or usage information about a particular camera, please seek out those links.

The Lab has a dedicated Studio space, which can be used for photography. This space has LED and softbox lights available. There is a green screen set up and Canon C100 camera. The studio has been used for headshots, green screen removal for product photography, stock photos, and more.

The Lab has an overhead rig where a camera can be mounted and suspended above an object. This type of rig is often used to film movement like a pool table shot, photograph images that need to lay flat like a plate of food over a table, or get a steady view for product placement like taking multiple angles of an object to sell it online.

The Lab has a series of tripods available for checkout in multiple sizes and uses. These can be found under the equipment reservation page.

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