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Media Lab: Video

Getting Started with a Video Project

On this page you can find resources that will help you create a professional looking video for class or personal projects.

LinkedIn Learning is a great place to start learning a new skill through access to high quality video tutorials. Learn video production and software including Adobe Premiere Pro and iMovie at your own pace. Current College of DuPage students can learn out how to sign up for free here:

Once you've signed up at LinkedIn Learning, check out the course(s) below. Many of these video tutorials are perfect for beginners with no previous video production experience. 

LinkedIn Learning Course Adobe Premiere

LinkedIn Learning Course iMovie

LinkedIn Learning Course DaVinci Resolve

LinkedIn Learning Creating a Video for Non-Profit

Greenscreen Guide

The Studio space in the Media Lab has a Green Screen with special light attached to the Canon C100 camera. Here are quick start instruction on using that space.


Closed Captions symbolCreating videos with captions is easy, and it helps make your videos accessible to a wider audience. Below are some tips for adding closed captions to any video. If you need help, ask any Media Lab staff for assistance.


After you upload a video to YouTube, you can add captions in the YouTube Studio. Click on the Transcriptions button on the left. YouTube can automatically caption your videos, but there will often be errors. You can either edit the automatic captions, or you can create your own by choosing the “Transcribe and Sync” option. For more directions check out YouTube’s help section here.

Premiere Pro

If you’re not planning on uploading your video to YouTube, you can add captions in Adobe Premiere Pro (check out our guide to using Premiere Pro). You can either edit your video in Premiere Pro, or you can import a finished video and add captions to it. Premiere Pro gives you the option of creating closed captions (which your audience can turn on and off) or open captions (which will be always on no matter where the video is played).

To add captions to a video go to File > New > Captions or choose Captions from the New Item button in the project panel. This will open the Captions panel, and you can click the + or – buttons to add or remove captions. Enter your text in the Captions panel, and adjust the placement and timing of captions in the Timeline panel. For more directions check out this tutorial here.

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