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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates: the COD Library building is closed until further notice.

Media Lab: Reserve a Workstation


The COD Library building is closed until further notice. The resources listed below are not currently available.

To work on projects remotely, check out our resources here:

Media Lab Imaging StationImaging Station

These stations are ideal for working on still image based projects like photo editing or creating infographics, website design, or simple video editing projects.


Media Lab Dual Monitor StationImaging Station – Dual Monitor

These stations are high-end iMac Pros which can handle more intense projects with ease. Create 3D graphics, edit 4K video, and add visual effects to your greenscreen videos. The second monitor also makes these stations great for projects that benefit from having more space to work with on screen.

Media Lab Audio and Video SuiteAudio/Video Editing Room

Groups of up to four can work in this space on audio and video projects. This room includes a microphone and acoustic tiling on the walls, so you can record voiceovers and podcasts.

Sound Booth

Record, edit, and mix audio in our isolation booth. This booth, while not completely soundproof, blocks out external sounds to give you a clean recording. Record podcasts, video voiceovers, and more with our professional microphones and audio interface. You can also check out a MIDI keyboard to compose your own music.

Studio Media Lab Studio

Shoot your own videos or photos in our studio space. Bring your own equipment or use our camera, lights, and greenscreen backdrop to create high quality video right inside the Media Lab. Note: to use Media Lab equipment in the Studio, you must book at least 24-hours in advance to allow staff time for setup. Walk-in appointments are welcome if you want to use your own equipment.


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