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Paralegal Studies: Cases

Finding Aids

There is one type of finding aid for legal citations in the Library: KeyCite.

KeyCite is the citation research service from West. Using KeyCite, you can quickly determine whether a case, statute, administrative decision, or federal regulation is good law and find cases and other sources that cite it. Access to KeyCite is available in Westlaw.

What Digests are available at COD?

A digest is an indexed compilation of summaries of decisions, which allow researchers to find cases by the legal subjects they address. We have only one print digest in the Library.

West’s Illinois Digest 2d
Reference KFI 1257 .W47
Covers state cases, as well as federal cases involving Illinois.

Court Websites

Reference Books

The library collects cases from the United States Supreme Court, the Illinois Supreme Court, and the Illinois Appellate Court. Access to all federal and state decisions is available online in Westlaw Next.

Court Reporters

United States Supreme Court Reports
Reference KF 101 .U584
The Library has Lawyers. Ed. (1790-1955) and L. Ed. 2d (1956-present)
U.S. Supreme Court Decisions are collected in this series.
Common Abbreviation: L. Ed. or L. Ed. 2d.

West’s Illinois Decisions
Reference KFI 1247 .A33x
Illinois Supreme and Appelate Court cases are collected in this series.
Common Abbreviation: Ill. Dec.

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