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Communities of Practice: Growing Knowledge

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Growing Knowledge

A key goal of a community of practice is to build and share knowledge around a specific issue or topic. In a community of practice, all members are committed to be being both learners and teachers. They are also committing to participate in multiple and engaging opportunities to:

  • Connect with others
  • Create shared understandings
  • Unpack research
  • Reflect on practice
  • Share resources
  • Participate in webinars

A collaborative online workspace, such as a wiki, blog, or dedicated website, can serve as a repository for the new knowledge that the community is building. A shared space allows participants to easily access shared knowledge, reflect on or add new knowledge, and revisit archived information on an as-needed basis. As communities grow new knowledge, they can begin sharing beyond the immediate community.

There will be a natural overlap in some of the strategies and processes used to grow knowledge and those used to share results.

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