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Using the Library: Study Spaces

Looking for somewhere to study in the Library? The Library has several types of study spaces available for individuals and groups. Look below to learn more about what spaces are available.

Not sure where to go in the library to find your study space? Take a look at the Library maps for the upper and lower Library floors, or just talk to anyone seated at a desk, and you'll be directed to the right spot.

Collaborative Spaces

The Library has two kinds of Collaborative Spaces: tables located on the upper and lower floors, and study rooms on the upper floor. Individuals and groups can study and talk at a normal volume in Collaborative Spaces. 

Study rooms can be reserved in advance, and are equipped with white boards and monitors that you can connect to laptops and other mobile devices. COD Students can reserve Study Rooms for up to 3 hours.

Quiet Spaces

Quiet spaces are located on the upper and lower floors of the Library.  Quiet Spaces are marked in green on our maps.

These spaces can be used by groups that want some quiet, but with the option to still talk a little. We ask that speaking be kept quiet, and to a minimum. Cellphone conversations are not allowed in quiet spaces.

Silent Spaces

Need a quiet spot to work? The Library has Silent Spaces on the upper floor overlooking the prairie, and individual carrels in room 3126 near the Reference Desk. Silent Spaces are marked in blue on our maps.

To keep these spaces quiet, we ask that there be absolutely no talking, cellphone use, or any other sounds that could disrupt others. Silent Spaces are best suited for individual study. 

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