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Communities of Practice: Share Resources

Share resources

Participating in a community of practice gives participants access to targeted resources, new information, and credible research that they can use to deepen their understanding, grow their knowledge and inform their practice. Participants report one of the top benefits of a community of practice is access to new information, often recommended by other participants. Identifying, reviewing, and sharing resources is a key component of building collective knowledge and sharing with others.

Using a resource as a starting point - Often a community of practice uses one or more resources as a focus for the year. The resource could be a comprehensive instructional guide that participants commit to implement and reflect on throughout the school year, a reference that participants can draw on throughout the year, or resources and software that participants can use with their students.

When a resource is selected as a focus for the community, the initial face-to-face session should include scheduled time to explore and reflect on the resource.

Recommendations - Often individual participants within the community are great sources of information and can recommend resources, websites, and research articles related to the community’s focus. Dedicating time and space for participants to do this on an ongoing basis can be a rich source for new and useful resources.

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