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Research Toolbox for Faculty: IL Handouts

Student Research Worksheets and Handouts

Getting Started

Having trouble getting your research rolling? These handouts and worksheets can get you past that initial hurdle.

Topic Development worksheet (pdf)
This graphic organizer will help you understand your assignment, identify and focus your topic, create a search strategy and find sources in 6 easy steps!

Finding Evidence worksheet (pdf)
Before you start your research, consider what evidence you’ll need to support your claims and think about how to find it.


Evaluating Sources

Not sure if the information sources you've found fit the bill? Take a look at these handouts for tips and more help.

CRAAP Test (pdf)
Do your sources pass the CRAAP Test? Use this guide to help you consider whether a source is appropriate for your research needs.

General Research

How to Read a Research Study Article (pdf)
This worksheet walks you through the five steps that will help you skim, re-read, interpret and summarize research articles.

Research Article Anatomy (pdf)
Reading research gets easier once you understand and recognize the pieces and purposes of research studies, from abstract to references.

Reading (and Understanding) Research (pdf)
Adapted from How to Read and Understand a Scientific Paper: A Guide for Non-Scientists by J. Raff.

Introduction to College Research (pdf)
Helpful resources for every stage of the research process.

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