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Open Textbook Print on Demand

Textbook Printing

Students can now place orders for affordable textbook printing from the College's Print Services! This service is available to those students who are provided with free textbooks and lab manuals by College of DuPage instructors. Your instructor will provide you with a PDF file or a link to the PDF file for you to download. 

When your order is ready, you can pick up your order in BIC 0515 (M-F, 7:30AM - 5:00PM) or have it delivered to the Library's Circulation Desk for pick up when the library is open (including evenings and weekends).

Cost: Your online textbook or lab manual will be provided at no cost by your instructors. The cost to print it in Black & White will range between $4.00-$20.00, depending on the number of pages and the choices you make for the paper, cover, and binding. The cost for printing will increase quite a bit for Color printing. A few important notes:

  • You will know how much it will cost before you place the order. 
  • Payment must be received before your book will be printed.
  • *This service is for entire books only.* If you want to just print parts of your book, please come to the Library for assistance.

If you have questions about this service, please contact the Library Computing Support and Printing Services Desk at (630) 942-2671.

Watch a student order a printed text. Click Full Screen to watch (1.5 minutes):

How to Place Your Order, Step-by-Step:

Get Started

  • Go to the order page at:
  • Put in your MYACCESS username and password.
  • Choose Black and White Bound Books (B&W is more affordable) or Color Bound Books.
  • Click "Start Order."


  • Drag and Drop your file in the order box or click on "Attach File" to browse for it on your computer. Must be a PDF file.
  • Put in a title for your order (Ex. Speech 1100 textbook or Chem 1105 lab manual)


  • Add a Title

Choose your preferences (the price will tally as you make your selections)

  • Number of Copies = 1
  • Paper Stock: Size 8.5 x 11 | Color White | Type = 20 lb (most affordable)
  • Single or Double-Sided: Double for textbooksSingle for lab manuals (so you can remove pages to write on)

Book Details

  • Front Cover: White 20 lb. (most affordable) | Clear Cover (most sturdy)
  • Front Cover Printing: Outside Only
  • Back Cover: White 20 lb (most affordable) | Black Vinyl (most sturdy)
  • Binding: Comb or Coil (Your preference: both cost about the same)
  • Copyright Acknowledgement: Put in your initials (Your instructor has taken care of copyright of course materials)

Accounting (how to pay)

  • You'll pay with your Smart Print account after you place your order

Delivery & Instructions

  • Pickup Option: Copy Center, BIC 0515 (Default)
    • Pickup is available Monday - Friday, 7:30AM - 5:00PM
  • Delivery Option: Choose SRC 2034 (Periodicals) to pick up at the Library's Circulation Desk 
    • Pickup in the Library is available during open hours, including evenings and weekends
  • Due Date: Choose the next available date.  Usually 24 hours for delivery. If you order on Friday-Sunday, your order will be ready on Monday. 
  • Additional Instructions: Leave blank unless you want tell the copy center something about your order.
  • Click Submit.

How to Pay

Go to your Smart Print Account to put the funds on your account. Use PayPal, Debit, or Credit. Your order will be printed when you submit the payment. Any overage will stay on your account for other printing services at the College. 

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