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Acting 1111 - : Finding Monologues and Plays


Use these resources and instructions for finding monologues and plays using the library's resources and online sites.

If you need assistance, contact Ken Orenic, the Theatre Librarian, or COD Library Reference Services. 

Steps for finding monologues and plays

Step One: Find a Monologue

  1. See the "Stage Monologues" books located on the 2nd floor of the COD Library in the PN 2080 section (ask a librarian to help you find the section - they are nice people who are happy to help you :).  Look for the books that were written since you were born.   
  2. Review the monologues in the book, and find a few of interest that feature character ages that are close to your own.  


Step Two:  Find a play by browsing in New Play Exchange.

You can browse New Play Exchange for plays using specific filters such as age, race, and other factors.  More information on using New Play Exchange is below. 


Step Three:  Find the Play from which the monologue was written

  1. Do a search in New Play Exchange for the play.  You might be able to download it there.  
  2. Search the Library Catalog.   Enter the name of the play using quotation marks, for example "the amish project," and select "All I-Share Libraries" from the top of the screen.  Note that you may need to request the book from I-Share.  It's simple, easy and quick; all you need is your MyAccess username and password.    You can always ask for help online or in person.  


How to use New Play Exchange

You can use New Play Exchange in several ways.


1. Know the name of a Play or Playwright?

  • Enter the name of the play or the playwright in the search box.  That's it!

2. Starting by finding a monologue from our COD collection, and then search for the full script in New Play Exchange 

  • Find monologues in one of the monologue books (you can search the book catalog, or just head over to the PN2080 section on the second floor of the library.  Don't know where that is?  Just ask a librarian.
  • Type the name of the play you found in a monologue book into the search box in New Play Exchange.  
  • Once you find a play, click on the title of the play in New Play Exchange.  From here you'll see a "Download" button.  Click it to get the full text of the play.  
  • Note that not all plays will be listed or available in full text - ask Ken or another librarian for assistance in getting a copy of the play if it's available.  

3. Browse and filter results for plays

Go to New Play Exchange and on the right side of the screen, click on "Play Info." 
From here, you can filter by:
  • Length of play
  • Age Appropriateness
  • Genre
  • Subject Matter Keyword - type in a word or two that might be of interest, i.e., "Music" "Mermaids" "Monsters" etc.  
  • Script availability (Make sure to check that box!!) 
  • Find scripts for specific actor(s)
    • Sort by race
    • Gender
    • Age 
  • Sexual Identity 
  • Location 

Pro Tip:  Start with a broad search, such as under ACTORS, then select  "Find Scripts for a Specific Actor or Actors," and select race, gender and age.  Once those choices are made, you can then narrow your results by the other filters.  


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