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Finding Diverse Academic Sources

Finding diverse sources can often be a challenge - there is no one index of diverse sources that list the books, journals, articles written by diverse scholars for all academic disciplines.  While lists of sources do exist in many disciplines, and these lists can be of great value there are several search strategies for finding diverse sources that could help faculty find resources written by scholars that reflect the students and faculty in our classrooms, and materials written by non-whites in non-Western countries that offer alternative perspectives on a topic.

The menu on the right outlines suggested steps in finding resources written by diverse writers as well as diversity within a global context.  

Much like conducting research in the "real world," you'll likely enter the research process through a number of entry points.  

You might find an article in a database or book in a library or publishers' catalog, or some mention of the author on the open web - Google that name to see if you can find out more information on the author, such as their professional organization affiliations or if they've written opinion pieces on diversity in academia or professional settings.  



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