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English Language Learning: Reading Resources

Reading Collections

B-Team Cover
Middle Ground cover
No Return Address
Jumped In
Tokyo Girl
The Goddaughter Caper
The Innocence Device

Graded Readers

Graded Readers are books offered at different levels of difficulty for new readers, language-learners and any adult who wants to read something interesting.

Some graded reader series have numbered levels where Level 1 is a basic level and Level 6 is an advanced level.  Other series might indicate whether a book is Basic, Intermediary or Advanced.  Still some other series do not have levels indicated at all.

Graded readers are available in a wide range of book styles-- romance, thriller, mystery, classic literature, and non-fiction.  You are sure to find something you like at a level that is perfect for you!

Some graded readers also feature a glossary; questions to read before, during and after reading; and activities to help you understand the vocabulary and story.  Some books even come with a CD so you can listen to the story while you read!

Instructors: We have class sets available for you to check out! See the full list here.

Helpful Websites
Designed for advanced ESL students, contains reading, writing, vocabulary, listening, grammar and dictionaries


National Public Radio: News and Analysis
Practice listening and understanding skills through the current event stories from NPR's many news programs, including All Things Considered, Fresh Air and Morning Edition. Many programs also include transcripts


Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
A free, interactive, educational site that uses both RealVideo and RealAudio technology for language learning. Allows visitors to self-test their English listening comprehension skills via JavaScripted quizzes

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