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INMP: Introduction


Welcome to the INMP Class Guide - Mexico

You'll find resources containing background information and current information on Mexico (and the broader Central American regions) as well as the other countries that will be represented at the INMP negotiations.

The Issues:

  1. Environment, especially the issue of climate change absent US involvement in the international discussions
  2. Human rights, with special attention paid to issues of migration and immigration, and the labor rights of immigrants


The other INMP countries / Palestinian Authority / European Union:

Brazil China
European Union Italy
North Korea Palestinian Authority
Russia USA

The resources in this guide are not country-specific, but rather can be used to research most of the other countries Palestinian Authority / European Union for INMP, 2020.  

Perspectives through which to analyze the issues

  • The issues (General overview)
  • History of issue as related to Mexico    
  • Current status of issue in Mexico
  • Viewpoint of other nations


Keywords to help get you started


Try using these keywords as a starting point for searching.   This is not a complete list of keywords - use your own as you find them in other resources!


Human Rights

"Climate change"


"Global warming"  Immigration
"Paris Agreement"  Refugee
"United States" "Labor rights" or "Worker rights" 
Treaty OR Treaties  "Border wall"
"International Relations" Treaty OR Treaties 
Policy "International Relations"


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