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IPA Assignment

Research Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA)

Five article summaries (interpretive/presentational)

The research article writing assignment is a summary, analysis and reflection based on an authentic source, in Spanish, that relates to your selected topic.  

For each of the five entries in your portfolio, choose an article in Spanish that is related to your topic 

In your own words in Spanish (except when citing directly or indirectly )

  1. Introduce the topic of the article
  2. Summarize the main points of the article
  3. Analyze/reflect on the article. Use the following questions only as a guide. Do not simply answer each of the following questions. Address the questions raised but avoid a ‘choppy” response to the questions. Feel free to express other thoughts as well. 

      • Can you tell if the article was written from an in-country source or not? What makes you think this?
      • Can you tell who the targeted audience is? Residents of the country? U.S. audience etc.?
      • Does the information contradict other information that you have read? Be specific.
      • Does this article present a different point of view than other articles chosen? What makes you think so?
      • Does the writer express a point of view or are the facts simply presented? What makes you think this?
      • Does the article refer to or hint at any possible consequences, intentional or not of whatever actions or occurrences mentioned? Is it stated specifically or is it suggested, hinted at etc. ?
      • Does anything impress you or cause you to ask more questions? What questions does it raise?
      • Does anything surprise you? 
      • Does the article relate well and provide useful information related to your topic?
      • Any additional thoughts?

Include the citation of the article MLA format and use parenthetical citations in the body of your paper.

Check you work using the Lista de control 

Include the enlace/link 

Double space Times New Roman or Arial 12 point

Submit the assignment at Blackboard >Article summaries>Article 1, 2,3 etc.


Final Presentation (Interpretive/presentational/interpersonal)

You will create brief PPT presentation, based on your research topic. The PPT will not contain any sentences, but rather visuals and bullet points. Thus, you will not read your presentation. You will tell us about your topic and help us to understand by providing visuals. Your PPT will include a page at the end, citing your sources. You will also ask that your classmates discuss three questions based on your presentation. These questions will elicit discussion and not simply brief responses. You will submit your PPT draft (including the questions) to your instructor no later than one week before your scheduled presentation.

Student Topics List sp 2022





El racismo en México 


La migracion en España


La desforestación de la Amazonia

Jason (José)

Las lenguas indígenas de Sudamérica (Perú)


Acceso a agua potable en Peru (y/u otros países de Sudamérica)

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