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Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression: Home

Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression

This guide has been collaboratively designed in part by members of the College of DuPage Anti-Racist Action Initiative. It is meant to serve as a resource for COD faculty, staff, and administrators on topics such as:

  • Anti-bias education
  • Allyship
  • Culturally responsive pedagogy
  • Equity-driven change in higher education
  • Social justice

Getting Started

Limited time and other resources add an extra level of challenge to sustaining anti-racism and anti-oppression work. One strategy for supporting continued engagement and continual learning is to participate in a learning community or community of practice- a formal or informal group working together to discuss, explore, and reflect on learning.

If you're interested in learning alongside friends and colleagues, but not sure where to start, here are some suggestions.

  • Article Discussions: Visit this guide's Bibliography for a selection of not only articles but podcasts, comics, and more! Shorter works allow groups to engage in conversations without having to carve out a lot of time or purchase a book.
  • Unlikely, the Film: Unlikely investigates America’s college dropout crisis and the barriers students face in their pursuit of a college degree and meaningful career. The film and discussion questions are available to all COD employees as a curriculum item in Cornerstone. Look for other freely-available films and make film-watching a regular feature of your group.
  • Toolkits: There are a number of curated resources freely available online from organizations, educational institutions, and others. Jumping into these robust and resource-filled sites can feel overwhelming, so identifying a collection and exploring it with a group can help make the task seem less daunting. Try out:
    • Talking About Race from the National Museum of African American History & Culture. This toolkit has modules and reflection questions that would work well for small group discussions.
    • 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge. A really flexible plan that lends itself to group work.
    • Me and White Supremacy Workbook by Layla Saad. A PDF of this workbook is available for download to COD employees in the CODARAI Blackboard space.


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