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Architecture 1100 Article Comparison Assignment: Home

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Morphosis Federal Building

Popular Press:

More Openness in Government. New York Times. Mar 14, 2007. pg. E.1. Ouroussoff, Nicolai.

Professional Press:

Morphosis and Arup engineers create dynamic form that follows function for the U.S. Federal Building in San Francisco Architectural Record. August 2007. pg. 97. Gonchar, Joann.

Loyola Library

Popular Press

Those who live in glass houses . . . The surprising benefits behind transparency. Crain's Chicago Business. Oct 30, 2006 v29 i44 p40. Klein, Sarah A.

Professional Press

Getting Aggressive About Passive Design. Architectural Record. May 2007. Fortmeyer, Russell.

Gary Comer Youth Center

Popular Press

New Youth Center Grand Beacon of Optimism. Chicago Tribune. June 4, 2006. Kamin, Blair.

Professional Press

The Gary Comer Youth Center: Chicago's Most Transformative Building? Metropolis Magazine. December 6, 2006. Hockenberry, John.

Lucas Museum

Popular Press

Behemoth along the lake: Architectural preview unveils a Lucas Museum 'colossus.' Chicago Tribune, November 4, 2014. Kamin, Blair.

Professional Press

Ma Yansong Unveils Design for George Lucas Museum. Architectural Record. November 3, 2014. Bernstein, Fred. (Database version)

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