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Aviation : Aviation in the News

Aviation in the News

Check this page for curated articles on current topics in aviation. Reach out if you have ideas for additional topics!

Last updated 2/12/24

Problems with Boeing MAX Aircraft

After serious incidents with both the Boeing MAX 8 and MAX 9, you may be wondering what's going on at Boeing. This is a compilation of in-depth articles that will give you background information on the incidents, ongoing investigations, and how these failures are informing aviation safety going forward.

Airline Mergers

What's the history of airline mergers in the United States, and how would the aviation landscape change if recent proposed mergers were approved?

Proposed JetBlue/Spirit merger

JetBlue and Spirit's attempted merger is on hold as of January 2024, at least for now, though the airlines are appealing the judge's decision to block their merger.

Proposed Alaska/Hawaiian merger

In December 2023, Alaska Airlines announced its intention to acquire Hawaiian Airlines. As of February 2024, the DOJ is investigating the merger and its potential impacts.

Taylor Swift's Private Jet

Public interest in Taylor Swift's flight habits has created a whole new set of aviation geeks -- and raised some interesting legal questions about the public's right to monitor private aviation.

Flying and the Environment

It's estimated that aviation accounts for about 2.5% of carbon emissions, which means that "[i]f aviation were a country, it would be the world’s sixth-biggest emitter, falling after China, the US, India, Russia, and Japan" (Mongabay). What is the industry doing to reduce emissions? In the era of climate change, what does the future of aviation look like?

Labor Issues

The aviation industry is rife with labor shortages, from pilots and flight attendants to mechanics and air traffic controllers. How are these shortages impacting employees, customers, and the industry as a whole?

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