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BIOLO 1100: N. DiGiovanni

Start: Reference Works

Begin by thinking of a topic related to biology.  Not sure where to start?  Search for a topic you're interested in on Google News to see what headlines might connect to your topic.  For example, Whales or honeybees.

Next, head to Gale below to get more information.  (Note: this Gale article will not count as the article you analyze.  It is for background information only.)

Popular Articles and Scholarly Articles

Cite Your Work: APA Style

Of course, as you get ideas and data from your sources, you want to be able to cite them.  Keep in mind that you want to cite not only quotations, but also ideas that you get from your research.

Not sure if you are paraphrasing, plagiarizing, or patchwriting?  Check out Academic Integrity by Ulrike Kestler, which has a section on all three

Need some help putting together citations?  Check out the helpful links below: 

Want software to create citations for you? Check out the database below:

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