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BIOLO 1100: COVID Resources J. DiGiovanni

Research: Websites, Popular, and Scholarly Articles

Start by scanning authoritative websites to see what you can find about COVID.  Some recommended websites are: 

  • WHO: The World Health Organization has collected a massive amount of information related to COVID.  Pay particular attention to the headings on this page (and perhaps a section titled Mythbusters.)
  • CDC The Centers for Disease Control also has a massive amount of COVID information.  Pay attention to the menu across the top of the screen (your health, vaccines, cases & data, etc,) as well as the menu on the left (variants of the virus, prevent getting sick, etc.)

Dig Deeper: Once you've gotten some background info on your topic from the CDC and WHO, you can continue by looking at popular sources that are trustworthy for your information.  Check the following resources to see what you might find: 

Level Up:  Now that you've gotten a basic understanding of your issue, turn to scholarly research to see if there is more nuance.  What can you learn?


Google Scholar can create citations for articles.  Click the quotation marks below the article information after doing a search. 

Need some help putting together citations?  Check out the helpful links below: 

Want software to create citations for you? Check out the database below:

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