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Spotlight Database: Mango Languages

by Yuli Melnyk on 2023-11-13T10:22:00-06:00 in Cultural Studies, Languages | 0 Comments
How do you say hello? With Mango Languages you can learn to say hello, guten tag, kamusta, привіт, xin chào, nǐ hǎo, aloha, and more!

Mango Languages is a language-learning resource that offers over 70 world languages and dialects, including English as a second language. Mango Languages is accessible both in the library and at home via web and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Mango Languages is a well-designed and interactive language-learning program that aims to help learners gain practical conversational skills through scientifically proven methodologies. Mango Languages lessons focus on developing practical conversational skills and using repetition to reinforce different concepts of each language. Mango Languages is a good resource for beginners and intermediate learners. 

Mango Languages offers plenty of world languages including endangered and indigenous languages such as Yiddish, Cherokee, Gaelic, Tuvan, Aramaic, and more. Specialty language courses are more heavily focused on culture and providing learners with the cultural awareness and colloquialisms needed to communicate with native speakers. These specialty courses include Business Mandarin & Spanish, Japanese-English Loanwords, Italian Carnival Of Venice, French Wine & Cheese, Spanish Medical, Librarian, & Text, Korean Academic Study, and more. 

For those learning English as a second language, Mango Languages offers courses in 20 different languages. Specialty courses include Business English for Spanish and Mandarin speakers. 

Whether it is your native language or a new language you are studying here at COD Mango Languages can boost your conversation skills and prepare you for real world situations at your own pace. 

Overall, Mango Languages is a valuable resource for language learners who want to learn a new language. It is easy to use, accessible, and offers a wide variety of languages and dialects. Mango Languages is a great way for users to learn a new language and expand their horizons.

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