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Pedagogy and Practice: Anti-Racist Pedagogy


Thank you for trying out this pilot Anti-Racist Pedagogy Toolkit! Please feel free to provide feedback throughout - a short form is embedded in the right-hand column of each page..

The toolkit will be made up of two parts, Reflecting on Your Socialization and Worldview and Taking Action as An Educator. Currently, you can access the first part; part 2 is under development.

1. Reflecting on your socialization and worldview

  • Self-Educate and Acknowledge Racial Trauma
  • Interrogate Your Positionality and (Un)conscious Biases

2. Taking action as an educator

  • Address Curricular Gaps with Intentional Course Design
  • Foster a Compassionate Class Community and Meet Students Where They Are
  • Engage the Wider Campus Community and Commit to Action Beyond the Classroom   



The following resources and tools for reflection and discussion are adapted from several sources, including:

Additional Resources

Online Resources for Inclusive Language


Inclusive Language Guide

Inclusive Style Guidelines

U of Missouri inclusive language definitions and terms


Extensive vocabulary and guidance on ability language
(purpose is for writing but is also useful in general)
About business but has a great infographic with terms about ability

Coded Language

Coded language in regard to race and education

Examples and discussion of how to change use of coded language


Vanderbilt Pronoun Guidance and Poster

When Greeting Others Poster

Making Mistakes

Inclusive Family Language

Race and Ethnicity

Curriculum and Lesson Plans around Slurs and Biased Language

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