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College Success Skills: Managing College

Resources to help you navigate the college experience, manage time, and deal with the stress and anxiety that accompanies busy students' lives.

Student Guide to Creating a Successful College Experience
The Gallup-Purdue Index surveys more than 30,000 U.S. college graduates and finds that successful students do the following:

  • Get to know your instructors
  • Get involved/become a campus leader
  • Practice good study skills
  • Take care of your well-being
  • Graduate on time
  • Spend and invest wisely

Visit for more details.

How to Balance School and Work: 5 Strategies for Academic Success
How do you juggle your career, classes, family, and friends? Deb Levy, a certified life and business coach, and a Harvard Extension School workshop leader, offers five tips to help you find success in and out of the classroom.

Time Management for Students
This LinkedIn Learning video is part of a longer course called Time Mangement Tips. Create your LinkedIn Learning account with your or email address. Learn more at

College Survival Tips: Time Management for Beginners
Many of us don't realize how important time management is. In this video, you will learn ways that will enable you to take full advantage of your time.

Study Guide: Time Management
This 3-minute video from UIPUI shares tips and tricks from students on how to manage time and things done!

Time Management Calculator

This calculator, from the University of Wisconsin, will let you plan where all that time goes by the day.

Managing Stress - LinkedIn Learning Course
A little stress can be motivational; a lot of stress can damage your health and your relationships. The good news is that with the right management techniques, you can reduce the amount of stress in your life. In this short LinkedIn Learning course, Dr. Todd Dewett shares his tips for managing stress. Learn how to identify and assess your stress triggers, manage your responses more effectively, and make positive personal choices. Create your free LinkedIn Learning account with your or email address. Learn more at

The College Student's Guide to Stress Management
This infographic provides useful statistics as well as practical tips for managing the day-to-day stress of being a college student.

Relaxation Techniques from Washington University in St. Louis
Visit the Habif Health and Wellness Center site for step-by-step instructions on the following strategies, or just click the YouTube links to see the techniques in practice.

  • Deep Breathing - Belly, or diaphragmatic, breathing can help inspire rest and relaxation. [YouTube]
  • Relaxation Response [YouTube]
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation [YouTube]



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