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The goal of your presentation is to inform your colleagues about a chemical that is commonly used in the Cosmetology profession and to offer practical advice on the safe handling and use of the chemical.
You will use library resources and websites to develop your presentation.
See below for suggested library resources.
You should use images in your presentation.

Your Responsibilities

You'll deliver a 5 minute presentation to the class.
You will produce a presentations slide set and script that must include:
The chemical name and some common products that include the chemical (1-2 slides)
A full description of the harmful aspects of this chemical (1-3 slides)
A full description of the safe handling and use of the chemical (1-3 slides)
Any other interesting information that you find out about your chemical (1 or more slides)
A bibliography (1 slide)
You will hand in your presentation slides and your script to your instructor.

Required References

Three sources total (or more if you like!)
At least 1 library resource
2 credible websites or books

Suggested Library Resources

How to Create a Bibliography

We will use the "simplified citation style" for this assignment. Please refer to the Simplified Citations page to learn how to create your Bibliography.

Grading Rubric

Your presentation will be graded using the following criteria. Your instructor will give you specific details about the number of points/grades.

  • Accuracy: The student followed the directions for the assignment.
  • Completeness: All elements of the project are complete.
  • Resource Quality: The web resources chosen for the project are of sufficient quality. The web resources utilized in the project are appropriate for College-level work.
  • Citations: The simplified citation style was applied accurately in the bibliography.
  • Writing and Grammar: The presentation and script are without grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Images: The images used in the presentation illustrated concepts appropriately. Images are relevant to the topic and/or discussion.
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