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Cosmetology Business Plan: Home

Developing a Business Plan

Conduct a feasibility study to begin developing a plan for a new business. Your study will help you forecast the potential for success of the business. This study will become part of your business plan which you will use to justify your proposal to lenders.

A basic business plan includes the following elements (.pdf from Small Business Resource Center).
[Library Resources to use for each element].

Name and Type of Business [Gale Business, IBIS World]
Description of Product/Service [Gale Business, IBIS World]
Business History & Development
Location [Reference Solutions]
Market Analysis [Mintel]
Competition [Reference Solutions]
Management [Gale Business]
Financial Information
Business Strengths & Weaknesses
Business Growth

Example Business Plans

These business plans and many more are available in the Small Business Resource Center (SBRC), below. These plans are from real U.S. companies.
Salon Flora
Epiphany Salon
The Clubhouse: Men's Salon & Spa

Information Resources

Example IBIS report on the hair and nail salon industry in the U.S.

Example report:Beauty Salon Report.

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