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Digital Commons: Introduction


Digital Commons @COD is an institutional repository used to collect, preserve, and showcase scholarly, educational, and creative works created by the COD community including faculty, staff, and students.

Digital Commons has been used to archive over 1000 digital items that have been downloaded nearly 600,000 times. Items in the collection include research articles, book chapters, conference presentations, classroom projects, classroom video, promotional videos, audio commentary, images and mixed media artwork.

Digital Commons facilitates global discovery of and access to COD's intellectual output by optimizing discovery of items through web search results in search engines such as Google. When a work is added to Digital Commons, it is ranked highly in relevant search engine results, which gives COD a higher profile in the global academic world. As well as optimizing works for discovery in search engines, Digital Commons provides a centralized and easily browsable website that showcases, in a single location, the quality and quantity of the College’s intellectual and creative output. In essence, Digital Commons brings the College’s intellectual and creative works out into the open and allows the world and the local community to discover the amazing work being done at COD

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