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Pneumatics Report

In this assignment, you'll be using books, articles, and websites to identify and discuss applications of pneumatics in industry and the marketplace.


Use the Library Catalog to find books and e-books in the COD Library on electronics topics. E-books will likely be your best source for information for this assignment.

Example searches

For your assignment, start by using these catalog searches:

Subject: Pneumatics

Subject: Compressed Air Systems


The Knovel Library is a rich resource of e-book material for electrical engineering topics. Try searching for pneumatics in Knovel Library. You can also choose a book in Knovel then search within the book. Knovel also provides citations for your bibliography.

Here are some useful titles from this collection:
Hydraulics and Pneumatics: A Techinician's and Engineer's Guide
Fluid Power Dynamics
HVAC Control: Operations and Maintenance
Instrumentation Reference Book


Use databases to locate journal, magazine, newspaper or specialized articles. You can use your COD MyAccess username and password to download articles from off-campus. 

Suggested keywords: Pneumatic Control, Pneumatic Systems, or use the specific type of pneumatic device/s that you are interested in (medical pneumatics, etc.)


See the Electronics Databases page for other useful databases.


There are several tools available for searching the Internet. Using a variety of tools is always a good rule of thumb when looking for information on the web. Google is a great resource but also try some of the other tools on the Library's Search the Web pages. For this assignment, a good technique is to choose your pneumatic application first then do a specific internet search.

Here's a small selection of quality websites for information about uses of pneumatics: Manufacturers of pneumatics
Wikipedia has some good ideas (only use this as a reference/starting point.)
What is pneumatics? A brief overview from the National Fluid Power Association.

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