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Reflective Practice: Curriculum Vitae


What is a Curriculum Vitae?

While your résumé is an objective summary of your skills and achievements, the curriculum vitae (which translates to “course of life”) is written with a focus on working in academia and your academic history.

Many CVs focus on the primary criteria by which tenure judgments are made. Community college instructors might include teaching, advising, curriculum development, and institutional committee work, whereas instructors at four-year colleges and universities would also include research. CVs can also include publications, presentations, invited lectures, and other contributions to your discipline or field of study.

In "The Curriculum Vitae: An Introduction Presenting and Promoting Your Academic Career," Dr. Angela M. Nelson identifies seven essential components for the CV:

  1. Identification and Contact Information
  2. Educational Information
  3. Academic and/or Work Experience
  4. Teaching Activity
  5. Research/Scholarship/Creative Activity
  6. Service and Citizenship Activity
  7. Miscellaneous Topics


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Answers to common questions of early-career academics on this all-important job document.

The Curriculum Vitae: An Introduction to Presenting and Promoting Your Academic Career [PDF] - Angela M. Nelson

This cleverly designed document identifies seven essential components for the CV as well as valuable formatting and writing considerations and a template, and a select bibliography.

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Purdue's well-respected OWL provides straightforward advice for those creating their first CV and addresses what you should include, formatting considerations, and writing strategies common to CV development.

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This guide provides "How To" instructions on organizing and formatting your CV and includes examples of common CV sections. 

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Chronicle columnist Leonard Cassuto provides suggestions for presenting a CV that does more than just list your academic achievements.



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