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Interior Design History Project


Use the Library Catalog to find books in the Library and ebook materials.
In addition to browsing the Interior Decoration and Architecture subject headings, you may want to search by keywords to find materials on very specific areas of interest.

Reference Database

These materials will help you get started.

Image Database

Image Websites

You might want to use images in your presentation or to find visual examples of cultural/ stylistic elements. Be sure to cite any images that you use in your paper or presentation.
Google Images
Flickr Creative Commons search


Finding Credible Websites

The Library has compiled a selection of web search tools, here. Use the Library's Evaluating Websites page for criteria to use when selecting your websites. Its important to find websites that are authored by professional people who have some expertise in your area of interest.


Journals are an important part of scholarly research. The Library provides you with access to thousands of journals in our databases. Art & Architecture Complete is a great source for interior design history but you can also browse the other databases to look for article sources.

Other Database Choices

See the Interior Design Research Databases page for other useful resources.

Creating Your Bibliography

You'll create your bibliography using the MLA Style. MLA is a very specific way of listing the resources you used in your project. The Library has a detailed citing sources page and you can also try Noodlebib, which creates the bibliography for you.

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