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Manufacturing Technology: Sample Research Topics

PLC Topics

Process control Machinery--safety devices Digital sensors Industrial robotics
Ultrasonic welding or welders Rotary indexing or dial tables Injection molding Programmable automation controllers
Factory automation Indexing devices Pick and Place systems Vision inspection systems
Servo motor control Stepper motor control Touch panel technology Encoder technology


Quality Control Topics

Research Design Distributed control systems Statistical Process Control
Gauge Research and Reproducibility Quality in Medical Manufacturing Inspection vs. Detection
Data acquisition technology Measurement Error Total Quality Management
Cost to Quality Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
Six Sigma "Lean" Quality Control Quality Leaders (ex. Deming or Juran)



In your classes, you will use the APA style when you create bibliographies. Use the Library's Citing Sources page for tips on how to format an APA style citation. On this guide you will find a handy tool to help you make citations called "NoodleBib."

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