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Mathematics: Study


Need to study for your math course but didn't bring your textbook? The library has most mathematics textbooks available on reserve.  Check to see what books are on reserve for your course here.  Select Reserves and type in your course prefix

Reserve textbooks can be used for up to two hours at a time in the library.  Online course packages are not available. 


The library also checks out scientific and graphing calculators for up to 3 days at a time, with a renewal possible.  Check one out to study or use on an exam.  Curious to see what other types of technology are are available for checkout? Check here.

Help Studying Mathematics

The following websites include helpful text and videos for studying mathematics at all levels:

  • Khan Academy includes videos, text explanations, and practice questions you can use to test your knowledge. 
  • offers streaming video lessons that have been checked for accuracy.  Covers content from middle school through college.

We also have several math guides in print, including the following

Need something different?  Please ask at the reference desk.

Using the Library

Have questions about the physical layout of the library, where to find silent or quiet study spaces, or what equipment is available to you in the library?

Check out our guide to using the library.  

You can also ask us questions in person, via email, over chat whenever the library is in person, and by scheduling a research appointment on this page. 

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