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Oceanography/Hydrology: Websites

Using Websites

Websites can be a powerful way to research current developments in your subject, from seeing the websites of current researchers (and their topics of research) to videos that explain how to solve problems (both ethical and mathematical).  Check the box below for examples of different websites that might help you research.

Keep in mind that you'll want to evaluate all information you find carefully.  Need help figuring out how to separate the good from the bad?  Check out our guide to Source Evaluation.

Learning and Research

NOAA's National Ocean Service
Information about tides & currents, nautical charts, ecology, the ocean economy, hurricanes, and infographics
Ocean World
Run by Texas A&M, this site includes explanations & illustrations about ocean topics such as icebergs, el nino, waves, and many more.
EPA Office of Wetlands Protection and Restoration
Educational information about wetlands throughout the country, as well as restoration, monitoring, policies involving wetlands protection.

Data Sources

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