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PHYS 2240: Vlach

Picking a Topic

There are several ways that you can select a topic for this paper: 

  • Think: what about sports psychology is interesting or exciting to you? 
  • Check your textbook: what topics do they outline?
  • Google News: once you have an idea about a topic, try searching for it here and see what kinds of articles start popping up. 

Not sure about how to start?  The video below talks through some strategies for picking a topic: 

Finding Sports Psychology Articles

Now that you've picked a topic, you'll need to search PsychArticles to find a good scholarly article.  Watch the video below to learn 3 ways to search, how to learn if an article is a good fit, and how to get the database to create a citation for you:

Have questions about reading your scholarly article?  You can watch the video below, which will cover how what peer-review is, how to read a scholarly article, and how to get help with any questions you may have about research.

You can also check out the following guides:


Need some help putting together citations?  Check out the helpful links below: 

Want software to create citations for you? Check out the database below:

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