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Plagiarism & Writing with Sources: Guidelines

Thank you for completing the Plagiarism & Writing with Sources tutorial!

Below are some additional resources.

Guidelines for Avoiding Academic Writing Mistakes

  • Use your own words and ideas
  • Take good notes while you’re researching - indicate which words are yours and which are someone else’s
  • Keep track of your drafts
  • Give credit for copied, adapted or paraphrased material
  • Use quotes when you use someone else’s wording
  • Use the author’s name in the same sentence as quotes, paraphrases, and summaries

Academic Writing Resources

Campus Resources

College of DuPage Library 

COD Librarians can work with you to identify, evaluate and cite sources for your research projects; Workshops and webinars can introduce you to tools that you can use to make citing sources and avoiding plagiarism easier

Learning Commons 

WRSA coaches can help you review your work before you submit it to your professor; Workshops can help strengthen your writing skills.

Online Resources

Citation Managers

Choose from several citation tools and bibliography managers.

Purdue Online Writing Lab

Resources to help you with every step of the writing process, including citing sources, paraphrasing, summarizing and general tips for avoiding plagiarism.

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