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Study Abroad - Costa Rica: Culture & Politics

This guide will help you find books, videos, articles and websites for use in your travels to Costa Rica.

ICISP Students Using Home Institutions' Libraries for Research

Special Note for ICISP Students - You will need to access these or similar library resources from your home institution as there is no mechanism for ICISP students to access these COD Library's materials.  Please consider the following suggestions:

  • Consult the library databases listed on the Databases page, and check with your home institution to see if you have access to any of those databases.
  • Consult with a librarian at your home institution for assistance in identifying resources to which they subscribe.
  • Some of the ebooks listed in this guide might be accessible from your home institution.  Search your library's catalog or ebook collection for these or other related titles.    

Culture & Politics

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