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Andy Warhol Research Guide: Life


Andy Warhol holding a cameraShown on this page is a selection of the COD Library's holdings on Andy Warhol's life, from his childhood in Pittsburgh to his celebrity-filled days in New York City. Click here if you wish to see more of the COD Library's collection on this topic. 

You can read these books with your COD Library card and access digital resources by signing in with your COD username and password. 


The Andy Warhol Diaries

Spanning the mid-1970s until just a few days before his death in 1987, THE ANDY WARHOL DIARIES is a compendium of the more than twenty thousand pages of the artist's diary that he dictated daily to Pat Hackett. In it, Warhol gives us the ultimate backstage pass to practically everything that went on in the world-both high and low.


Stephen Shore was 17 years old when he began hanging out at The Factory. Between 1965 and 1967, Shore spent nearly every day there, taking pictures of its diverse cast of characters, from musicians to actors, artists to writers - not to mention Warhol himself. This book presents a personal selection of photographs from Shore's collection, providing an insider's view of this extraordinary moment and place.

I'll Be Your Mirror: The Selected Andy Warhol Interviews, 1962-1987

The Question-and-Answer interview was one of Andy Warhol's favorite communication vehicles, so much so that he named his own magazine after the form. I'll Be Your Mirror contains more than thirty conversations revealing this unique and important artist. Each piece presents a different facet of the Sphinx-like Warhol's ever-evolving personality.

The Trip: Andy Warhol's Plastic Fantastic Cross-Country Adventure

In 1963, up-and-coming artist Andy Warhol, along with a colorful group of friends, drove across America. What began as a madcap, drug-fueled romp became a journey that took Warhol on a kaleidoscopic adventure from New York City, across the vast American heartland, all the way to Hollywood, and back.

Like Andy Warhol

Reveals the internal logic of the artist's life and his aesthetic activities, showing what binds them together, enabling us to see his art and life as a totality.

Holy Terror: Andy Warhol Close Up

Bob Colacello, the editor of Warhol's Interview magazine, spent the 1960s by Andy's side. In these pages, Colacello takes us there with Andy: into the Factory office, into Studio 54, into wild celebrity-studded parties, and into the early-morning phone calls where the mysterious artist was at his most honest and vulnerable.


A study of the innovative pop artist Andy Warhol by his close friend and confidant, David Bourdon. Prepared during the artist's lifetime and with his co-operation, it is described as an intimate look at the man behind the silkscreened image.

Andy Warhol "Giant" Size

Warhol Giant Size takes its inspiration from the over-the-top quality of Andy Warhol's life, career, and legacy and in a mammoth format and huge extent depicts, in roughly chronological order, the major events, people, works, and moments in the life of an artist who continues to be endlessly fascinating to those inside and outside of the art world.

Warhol on Basquiat: The Iconic Relationship Told in Andy Warhol's Words and Pictures

This book chronicles the duo's relationship in hundreds of previously unpublished photographs of Basquiat along with a dynamic cast of characters from Madonna to Grace Jones, Keith Haring to Fela Kuti. The shots are accompanied by entries from the legendary Andy Warhol Diaries, selected collaborative artworks, and extensive ephemera.

Warholcapote: A Non-Fiction Invention: From the Words of Truman Capote and Andy Warhol

In 1978 Andy Warhol and Truman Capote decided to write a Broadway play. Andy suggested that he record their private conversations over the period of a few months, and that these tapes would be the source material for the play. The tapes were then filed away and forgotten. Their play was never completed. Now, Roth brings their vision to life after a years-long search to unearth the eighty hours of tapes between two of the most daring artists of postwar America.


I Shot Andy Warhol

A journey into the cultural whirlwind of events surrounding Valerie Solanas' shooting of pop-art superstar Andy Warhol.

Superstar the Life and Times of Andy Warhol

Traces his life from Pittsburgh schoolboy to pop art legend, from advertising illustrator to chronicler of the haunt monde of New York City. The film includes behind-the-scenes looks at "Factory" life and several enigmatic interviews given by Warhol over the years.


Streaming Films

The Library's database, Kanopy, includes several documentaries about Andy Warhol. 


Articles from Library Databases

Sources available through our databases can be accessed by COD students, faculty, and staff with a COD MyAccess username and password.

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