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Art 2218 Seeing Animals - Ouellette: Introduction


Welcome to the Seeing Animals library research guide. 

This guide contains links to resources on a variety of art-related resources. 

See the blue menu on the right to find books, articles, and museum sites related to this course.  If you need additional help, stop by the Reference Desk or contact references services for assistance.  

To access Library online resources, you need to know your COD MyAccess username and password. 

To get print books from the Library, you'll need your library card number, which can be obtained using this online form. Student and Staff ID Cards can be activated online.   

Image: A tourist lies with a tiger at a Buddhist Temple.

Using the Library From Off Campus

Access Online Resources

You'll need your COD MyAccess username and password to access the COD Library's databases.  Materials accessible include ebooks, scholarly and peer-reviewed articles, magazine and newspaper articles, films, and sound recordings.  



Concepts to Search Terms

Concepts to Keywords 

A concept can be described using many different terms.  For example, The death penalty and also be referred to as capital punishment or judicial execution.  

The same can be said for terms related to your topics, for example the concept of a Zoos can be expressed as "animal sanctuary" or "wildlife park."  

How to find alternative or related terms in a few ways:

  • Use a search engine to search the term and the term "Synonyms" 
  • Scan articles, books and websites for terms 

Here are a few examples to help visual the relationship between the primary topic word and related or synonymous terms

Concepts and Keywords 


Concepts and Keywords



Animal Rights Theorists 

  • Art
  • Aesthetic(ism) 
  • Peter Singer
  • Tom Regan
  • Carol Adams 

Non-human animals



  • Animal
  • Non-human animal
  • Nonanthropocentrism


  • Sentience
  • Consciousness 
  • Agency
  • Oppression
  • Social Justice
  • Injustice 




  • Zoo
  • Wildlife park
  • Sanctuary
  • Vegan(ism)
  • Vegetarian(ism)
  • Omnivore 

Research Frameworks / Lenses



  • Critical Animal Studies 
  • Post Humanism


  • Ethics (Ethical)
  • Moral (Morality) 
  • Philosophy





Library Assignment

Library Assignment 

To jumpstart your research - you have 2 tasks 

  • Find Keywords

  • Find Sources  

Concepts to Keywords

Identify your concepts and research or brainstorm keywords that would represent the topics.  Add your keywords below the Concept columns

Concept Concept Concept 

Finding Sources 

  • Find at least 5 sources that MIGHT be useful for your individual topics.  Sources can come from books, websites or articles.
  • Email the citations to yourself 




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