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Accessible & Assistive Services: Devices

Learn what assistive technologies and services are available in the College of DuPage Library.

The Library offers accessible workstations and devices on each floor as well as an accessible study room on the upper floor.

Handicap symbols mark the location of accessible workstations and the accessible study room on the Library maps for the upper and lower Library floors. Need assistance finding an accessible station or device? Ask at any service desk and you'll be directed to the right spot.

Library Upper Level
Lower Level Study Spaces
Library Lower Level

Accessible Computer Workstations

accessible workstationAccessible workstations are available on each floor of the Library. On the Library's main floor, the accessible station is located in the Computing Support & Print Services area adjacent to the printers. On the upper level of the Library, the accessible station is located near the printer and photocopier.

Accessible workstations include:

  • desktop PC
  • monitor
  • large-print, black-on-yellow ZoomText keyboard
  • trackball mouse (regular mouse available upon request)
  • printing via COD's Web-based SmartPrint system
  • all Library computer workstations allow screen enlargement
  • the productivity software available on all Library computers, plus ZoomText 11 Magnifier/Reader software

Optelec ClearView+ Speech (video magnification and text-to-speech)


Optelec Clearview+ SpeechLocated on the upper floor of the Library next to the accessible workstation is the Clearview+ Speech (providing both a video magnifier and text-to-speech technology).

Enlarge material (books, newspapers, handouts, letters, and pictures) or change the high contrast viewing modes with one easy-to-use dial.

To activate the Speech feature, simply touch the screen and listen to articles, handouts, letters and books with a natural sounding voice and full page overview.

Insert a flash drive or SD card and save your text-to-speech files for later use. Not only can you use the Clearview+ to open and read saved documents, you can also view and enlarge saved picture files.

Accessible Study Room: SRC 3102

Accessible Study RoomThis is an individual or small group study room (maximum capacity: 4) available to students with disabilities as designated by COD's Center for Access & Accommodations. It is intended as a place for COD students possessing COD accommodations letters to work and study individually or as a small group. It is not intended for socializing.

In addition to all of the hardware/software features available on accessible work stations (listed above), the Study Room workstation has a height adjustable table, a webcam and Skype. Headsets with microphones are available, upon request, when students check out the study room.

Rooms are available for 3-hours at a time on a pre-booked or first-come, first-served basis only. Students can pre-book via phone (630)-942-2106 or email In-person checkout and booking takes place at the upper level Circulation Desk.

Study room keys are checked out at the upper level Circulation Desk.
• Students must check out the room in person.
• First time users must present their letter of accommodation to circulation staff. Subsequently, students will not have to present their letters.
• For questions about the accessible student study room contact Library Circulation Services at (630) 942-2106.

Half-Qwerty Keyboard

A one-handed keyboard is available for patrons with hand-related physical disabilities. This device looks like a traditional full-sized keyboard but has two embedded half-keyboards and allows typing with either hand or both hands at once.

You can check out the keyboard and get help connecting it to any computer in the library at the Computing Support and Printing Services desk located on the main floor of the Library. (This device is available for in-Library use only.)

Hand-held, Page and Ruler Magnifiers


A variety of magnifiers are available at the Upper and Lower reference desks including:

  • hand-held magnifiers
  • rigid page magnifiers
  • ruler magnifiers

Library users may borrow these items for in-Library use by inquiring at either reference desk.

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