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BIOLO 1110: J. DiGiovanni

Why The Library?

Picking a Topic

You'll want to start by selecting either an agricultural crop or a farming technique. 

If you choose a crop, start here: 

If you'd prefer to begin with a farming technique, try this source: 

Both books should give you a start on learning some context about your crop or technique. 

Gather More Information

Now that you've picked your topic, check the sources below to gather more information to see what else you can learn. 

If you do find a result in Google Scholar, remember to check Journal Locator to see if we have the article in full-text in a library database, 

You may not find information about your crop or technique in all of these sources.  Please contact me or reference if you have any questions. 


Other Potential Information Sources

So, you've exhausted the sources above, and would like to look for more information?  Here are some other places to look: 


Want some more concrete help with citations? Try the following: 

Want software to create citations for you? Check out the database below:

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