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BIOLO 1110: Global Ed and Green Spaces

Global Ed Week 1 Videos and Articles

Week 1:

Start: What is Environmental Justice? 

What does it look like in South Africa?  Watch the videos below to find out. 

The first video has been put together by Grist, and is a 3 minute explainer on the concept of environmental justice. 

The second video is a 10 minute explainer on South Africa's history of segregation which was has been created by  Christina Thornell of Vox.  See the video with its original context here.

Second: Looking at More Sources for Context

Read and think through the articles below for more information.  Come to class prepared to discuss. 

Optional Sources for Week 1: 

Global Ed Week 2 Videos and Articles

Week 2: Photovoice and Return to Princess Vlei

For week 2, you will want to have read the following articles: 


Want some more concrete help with citations? Try the following: 

Want software to create citations for you? Check out the database below:

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