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BIOLO 1110: Strategies for Sustainability: Find Articles

Finding Popular Articles

Use the following links to search for popular (magazine and newspaper) articles about your subject.  Remember to be specific when searching: for example, try searching for streams and nutrient pollution rather than just water pollution. 

Finding Scholarly Articles

Scholarly articles are checked before publication, and are often more detailed than popular articles.  Your professor may not require you to use scholarly articles, but if they do, the sources below are good bets: 

Not sure how to search for, identify, or read scholarly articles?  Check out the guides below:

Requesting Articles

FInding a citation for an article you'd like, but no full-text (or you're being asked to pay for the article?)  Follow the steps below to see how to best access the article: 

  1. Start by searching Journal Locator by the journal name.  (Check out this video for step-by-step instructions.)
  2. If the results give you a database name, great!  Click on the link and search by article title. 
  3. If there are no relevant results, head to the Article InterLibrary Loan form. (Find more info about Interlibrary Loan.)
  4. Fill out the Article form.  In about 5 -10 business days, you should get an electronic copy of the article in your email.
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