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Bird Friendly COD Project: Take Action

What We're Doing

"Bird-Friendly COD" is an interdisciplinary group of volunteer faculty, staff, students, and community members working alongside Chicago Bird Collision Monitors (CBCM) and Willowbrook Wildlife Center to protect the lives of migratory birds on the COD campus through research, documentation, education, and policy change."

Bird Strike Info

If you find a dazed/deceased bird on the COD campus near a window, follow these steps: 


  • Transport the bird to Willowbrook Wildlife Center.   How are we handling this?  Will students need to get supplies (a box, a bag, gloves?) from one of us?
  • Please report any campus bird strikes (or bird/window collisions) using this form.  You can also find the form here: 

What Can We Do?

Check out the following places for more information on how to prevent bird/window collisions: 

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