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Bird Friendly COD Project: Resources

COD Specific Resources

Here is a brief list of resources created by people at COD:

Ouellette, David. “Birds and the Built Environment: Towards Reconciliation,” n.d.

Visiting Artist Series: Alice Hargrave with Gavin Van Horn and Stephanie Touzalin. Accessed February 17, 2023.

Bird Collisions/Strikes and Windows

Here is a list of citations with information on the bird population, bird/window collisions, and what to do.  If you are off-campus, be sure to sign in before trying to access any of these articles. 

Barton, Christine M., Corey S. Riding, and Scott R. Loss. “Magnitude and Correlates of Bird Collisions at Glass Bus Shelters in an Urban Landscape.” PLOS ONE 12, no. 6 (June 1, 2017): e0178667.

Einhorn, Catrin. “Those Window Stickers to Prevent Bird Strikes? There’s a Catch.” The New York Times, February 2, 2023, sec. Climate.

Hager, Stephen B., Bradley J. Cosentino, Miguel A. Aguilar-Gómez, Michelle L. Anderson, Marja Bakermans, Than J. Boves, David Brandes, et al. “Continent-Wide Analysis of How Urbanization Affects Bird-Window Collision Mortality in North America.” Biological Conservation 212 (August 1, 2017): 209–15.

Loss, Scott R., Tom Will, Sara S. Loss, and Peter P. Marra. “Bird–Building Collisions in the United States: Estimates of Annual Mortality and Species Vulnerability.” The Condor 116, no. 1 (January 2014): 8–23.

Martin, Graham R. “Understanding Bird Collisions with Man-Made Objects: A Sensory Ecology Approach.” Ibis 153, no. 2 (2011): 239–54.

Swaddle, John P., Blythe Brewster, Maddie Schuyler, and Anjie Su. “Window Films Increase Avoidance of Collisions by Birds but Only When Applied to External Compared with Internal Surfaces of Windows.” PeerJ 11 (February 2, 2023): e14676.

Żmihorski, Michał, Dorota Kotowska, and Ewa Zyśk-Gorczyńska. “Using Citizen Science to Identify Environmental Correlates of Bird-Window Collisions in Poland.” Science of The Total Environment 811 (March 10, 2022): 152358.

Bird Population Articles

Rosenberg, Kenneth P., Adriaan Dokter, Peter Blancher, John Sauer, Adam Smith, Paul Smith, Jessica Stanton, et al. “Decline of the North American Avifauna.” Science 366, no. 6461 (September 19, 2019): 120–24.DOI: 10.1126/science.aaw1313

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