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BIOLO 1110: Biodiversity and Deer Overpopulation

Compiling Your Sources

As you think about what views your stakeholder populations might have, think about the following sources: 

Gather More Sources

Now that you've browsed through the initial reports to collect data and statistics, you'll want to find your 2-3 additional sources for your stakeholder assignments for your paper.   Remember that you will want these to be credible, authoritative sources that you can use to add detail to your presentations.  Your results should include at least 2 newspaper or magazine articles.  Once you have met that goal, you're welcome to use reliable websites as further sources. 

If you do find a result in that you can't find in full-text, you can contact reference ( to ask for help in locating the full article or check Journal Locator to see if we have the article in full-text in a library database.

Evaluating Information

While you're searching for information on your topic, you want to take time to decide if the information (either website, article, or podcast) you find is trustworthy.

When it comes to science, nearly everyone has opinions: should we be labeling genetically modified food for consumer's awareness? What will fracking do for our economy or our groundwater supply? Your job is to evaluate the information you can find through Google to find the good information sources--those written by authors you can trust, with good and up-to-date information.

Authorship: Who created this website? What is their background on the topic? Are they trustworthy?

Bias: Why was the website created? What point of view does the author have? Does that limit the facts they present or how the facts are presented?

Date: How old is the information that is presented? Is it still accurate?

Citations : Does the author seem to consult good sources of information?  For example, do they refer to good sources of information, whether statistics from a governmental source, or interviews of experts, or do they state vague generalities not much supported by other data?

Questions? Check out the COD Library's guide to evaluating information.


Want some more concrete help with citations? Try the following: 

Want software to create citations for you? Check out the database below:

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