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BIOLO 1110: Biodiversity and Deer Overpopulation

Scope of the Problem

Let's start by describing the impact of a deer overpopulation problem. Take a look at the links below: 

Based upon the information you found above, craft a problem statement with your group.

A problem statement is a concise and clear description of a challenge to be addressed or a condition to be improved upon. It identifies the gap between the current (problem) state and desired (goal) state – in other words it sums up what you want to change.  Include the 5 Ws in your statement: who, what, when, where, & why

Compiling Your Sources

Your assignment: as a class, assume that you live in a small town in Wisconsin with a deer overpopulation problem. There are several possible "solutions" to deer overpopulation, including the following:

  • Medical solutions: Sterility vaccine PZP (porcine zona pellucida) and/or Surgical Sterilization
  • Selective Culling
  • Deer Relocation 
  • Introducing predator species
  • Passive management: fencing, etc.

Gather in a group. Each group will be assigned up to 2 methods from the list above to research. Gather sources from Google and from the databases online to explain the benefits and drawbacks of each method to the rest of the class

Each student in your group will want at least two unique sources about your assigned method (including one website and one popular article).  Be prepared to defend the credibility and authority of your website using the CRAP scale

See the box below for more information about where to look for popular articles.

Gather More Sources

Start by searching the databases below for information.  What can you find about your method of controlling the deer population?

Next Steps


Your group will be asked to represent one of the following groups in your town:

  • farmers
  • hunters
  • town residents 

As a group, you'll be asked to present the answers to the following questions:

  • What concerns would your stakeholders have about the deer population?
    What methods would your group recommend the town implement? 

Again, collect one unique popular and scholarly article per group member that focuses on how these groups are impacted by deer populations?


Want some more concrete help with citations? Try the following: 

Want software to create citations for you? Check out the database below:

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