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U.S. Census: Books

Call Number Ranges

Search the Library Catalog by clicking here to find books and videos available at the COD Library.   Help Using the Library Catalog

Books on the broad subject of the U.S. Census can be found in the "HA" call number areas of the General Collection and the Reference Collection.

Some selected new books are highlighted here.

While so much census data is available online, the COD Library does have some census statistics available in book form as well.  They can be found in the Library Catalog.

One sample search might be something like:  Illinois AND (census OR demograph*)

The asterisks at the end of the word are truncation features, and allow you to pick up variations of the word:

demography OR demographic OR demographics OR demographical      without having to type out separately all the variations of a word.

E-book databases     and     Online Video databases


Outline of the Library of Congress Classification System (what COD uses to arrange its books on the shelves).

Want to know where specific collections are located?  Check out the maps of the Library's upper and lower floors.  

Selected New Books

Exploring the U. S. Census

The United States census provides researchers, students, and the public with some of the richest and broadest information available about the American people. "Exploring the U.S. Census" gives social science students and researchers alike the tools to understand, extract, process, and analyze data from the decennial census, the American Community Survey, and other data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau. 

Counting Americans

Counting Americans is a social history exploring the political stakes that pitted various interests and groups of people against each other as population categories were constantly redefined. Utilizing new archival material from the Census Bureau, this study pays needed attention to the long arc of contested changes in race and census-making.

GIS and the 2020 Census

GIS and the 2020 Census: Modernizing Official Statistics guides statistical organizations with the most recent GIS methodologies and technological tools to support census workers' needs at all the stages of a census. Learn how to plan and carry out census work with GIS using new technologies for field data collection and operations management.

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