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Global Migration: Books

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Some selected new books are highlighted below.

Some Daily Life or Personal Accounts can be found here.

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Selected New Books

Religious and Ethical Perspectives on Global Migration

.This book provides insight for ethics, moral philosophy, social and political philosophy, religious studies, social justice, globalization, and identity formation.

Causes and Consequences of Global Migration

This book has been written for those who want to find out more about why people migrate and what the consequences are of their doing so. It looks at what motives drive people to migrate and at migrants' economic outcomes in their destination countries. It describes the state of knowledge about the economic and social consequences of migration for the communities that receive the migrants.

Border and Rule

This book shows migrant crises to be the inevitable outcomes of conquest, capitalist globalization, and climate change generating mass dispossession worldwide. It explores a number of seemingly disparate global geographies with shared logics of border rule that displace, immobilize, criminalize, exploit, and expel migrants and refugees.

Daily Life of Personal Accounts

Daily Life during African American Migrations.  General  E 185 .P 44 2012

Daily Life in Immigrant America, 1820 - 1870.  General  JV 6453 .B 47  2008

Daily Life in Immigrant America, 1870 - 1920.  General.  JV 6453 .A 55 2007

Daily Life of the New American:  Immigration since 1965.  General  JV 6455 .S 95 2010

New Pioneers in the Heartland:  Hmong Life in Wisconsin.  General  F 589 .W 4 K 65 1998

Salvadorans in Suburbia:  Symbiosis and Conflict.  General  F 127 .L 8 M 23 1995

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