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Justice Studies / Criminal Justice: Reference Materials

Reference Materials

Why Reference Sources?

Is your research topic too big to cover in a short paper?  Is your topic so specific that sources will be hard to find?

Before you even begin your research, start the process with reference sources-- in the Library's Reference Section or online in our databases.  Reference books, like subject encyclopedias, can give you a head start and make your research easier in the long run.  Use reference sources to:

  • find a topic
  • narrow your topic
  • find keywords
  • get background information on your topic

Collections of Many Online Reference Books in one place:

Credo Reference     and    Gale eBooks / Gale Virtual Reference Library   and   Salem Press

Oxford Reference and Sage Knowledge Reference also have thousands of scholarly, academic articles, but they are a bit more difficult to use.   Click here to find instructions on how to use these collections of reference books.

African Americans and Criminal Justice: An Encyclopedia.
Chronology of Organized Crime Worldwide, 6000 B.C.E. to 2010.
Crime and Punishment in America : An Encyclopedia of Trends and Controversies in the Justice System.
Encyclopaedia Britannica.
Encyclopedia of American Crime.  General HV 6789 .S 54 2001

Encyclopedia of American Law and Criminal  Justice
Encyclopedia of American Law Enforcement   Reference HV 8133 .N 48 2007
Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice   Reference HV 6017 .E 52 2002
Encyclopedia of Crime and Punishment
Encyclopedia of Criminal Justice Ethics
Encyclopedia of Criminology - Reference HV 6017 .E 5295 2005
Encyclopedia of Criminology and Deviant Behavior - Reference HV 6017 .E 53 2001
Encyclopedia of Law and Society: American and International Perspectives
Encyclopedia of Law Enforcement
Encyclopedia of Murder and Violent Crime
Encyclopedia of Organized Crime in the United States - Reference HV 6446 .K 43 2000
Encyclopedia of Police Science - Reference HV7901 .E53 2007
Encyclopedia of Social Deviance.
Encyclopedia of Street Crime in American
Encyclopedia of Victimology and Crime Prevention
Encyclopedia of White-Collar and Corporate Crime
Encyclopedia of Women and Crime - Reference HV 6046 .E 56 2000
Gale Encyclopedia of American Law - Reference KF 154 .W 47 2011
Gale Encyclopedia of Everyday Law

Historical Dictionary of American Criminal Justice
A History of Violence: An Encyclopedia of 1400 Chicago Mob Murders. Reference F 548.3 .J 638 2014
Latinos and Criminal Justice: An Encyclopedia.

Legislating Morality in America : Debating the Morality of Controversial U.S. Laws and Policies.
The Mafia Encyclopedia - Reference HV 6441 .S53 2005
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Crime, Media and Popular Culture

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Intergroup Communication
Palgrave Dictionary of Public Order Policing, Protest and Political Violence   Reference HV 8055 .J 69 2014

Revolts, Protests, Demonstrations, and Rebellions in American History : An Encyclopedia.
The Social History of Crime and Punishment in America: An Encyclopedia.

State Legislative Responses to Policing, Bill Tracking Database

21st Century Criminology:  A Reference Handbook of Readings
The Use and Abuse of Police Power in America : Historical Milestones and Current Controversies.
Violence in American Society:  An Encyclopedia  of Trends, Problems, and Perspecttives
Women Criminals: An Encyclopedia of People and Issues.

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