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Diagnostic Medical Imaging: DMI Reserve Cart

Diagnostic Imaging Special Reserves Cart

Diagnostic Imaging Special Reserve CartThis collection of "Best Bets" for Sonography, Radiography, Nuclear Medicine, and Radiation Therapy student projects is located on a cart at the Upstairs (3rd floor) Reference Desk.

These books are examples of general imaging books as well as books on specific imaging modalities (i.e. CT, Ultrasound). Some of the books target specific patient populations (i.e. fetal or pediatric), while other books target specific areas of the body (i.e. head & neck or musculoskeletal).

Search for your specific disease or condition in the index located at the back of each text.

While these books should answer most student questions, there are many other imaging books located in the General collection. Use the Library catalog or seek help from Reference staff members to locate additional resources.


View titles located on the Diagnostic Imaging Special Reserve Cart


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